How Not To Overdress


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When most men get dressed they only normally have two different types of looks they go for. Dressy and Causal. There never seems to me a middle ground between the two. Understanding that you can dress down an outfit and you can elevate your causal outfits. Overdressing tends to be a problem. Keeping it relaxed but still polished is how you can stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ideas on how to mix up your daily wardrobe and nail the dressy casual look.



It is the easiest way to tone down the formal attire. Think outside the box of only wearing jeans with button downs. Try a denim button down with a suit and a tie, for your causal Friday look. Denim jackets are tricky, but feel free to opt for that than a blazer. The darker and less distressed the denim, the more versatile is it. Remember simple denim can be worn with anything. Colder weather?  Layer denim shirts or jackets underneath your jacket.

denim dress shirtdenim jacket 

Mix Textures

This relates to the previous tip because mix denim with tweed or wool. It will only add another dimension to your wardrobe. Think outside cotton! Wear suede shoes or a belt to add a little something to your look. Nylon jacket, jersey blazers, or linen are perfect for summer. While leather, shearling, and tweeds are great to mix during the winter seasons. 


Accessories With Details

Scarves, ties, watches, or sunglasses, pick one that has some character. Watches that have canvas straps are easy to wear, especially when you have a few straps you choose from. Ties and scarves are easy to mix with formal wear because you can wear one with a casual fabric or print. Make it more contemporary.



Opting to wear sneakers with your trousers (notice how I did not say pants) can instantly turn the overall look relaxed. Pick one in a solid neutral color, preferably in a low top. Canvas or leather. Lace ups or slip-ons. These options would go great to wear to events that don’t require you to be in dress shoes. Don’t be afraid to wear classic white low top sneakers with a light crew sweater and tailor trousers.


Remember the main point here is don’t be afraid to pair your favorite casual pieces with dressy side of the closet. That’s where the magic happens because you can break the rules a little bit. Just don’t break too many at the same time. It’s about dressing smart to get the most out of your wardrobe.

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