Ella Bing Vlog_01: It Begins

Monday, May 25, 2015
Here at Ella Bing, we are trying something new when it comes to content. We are going to start producing vlogs, containing a behind the scene look at what exactly goes on at EB. We will also be posting more personal content of us at events, or out and about on the weekends. This is a new direction for this blog so we will see how it goes. A few areas of inspiration come from a couple Youtube channels: Casey Neistat, I like to Make Stuff & MKBHD. Additional I just completed reading the book "Epic Content Marketing" by  Joe Pulizzi. This with the combination of recently returning from Atlanta for Style Con 2015, made me realize how important video content is. Let me make this clear, we have no direction with this vlog, I am not a videographer, and have minimal shooting skills, I am just a regular business owner. I will be using iMovie on my Mac to edit and a combination of my Smartphones (Nexus 6, Note 3, iPhone 6), A GoPro Hero, and a recently ordered Sony a5100 mirrorless camera. And with that let the adventure begin. Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below. 

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