• How to Make a Leather Dog Collar: Ella Bing Vlog_09

    This past Sunday, I was tasked to make our Boston Terrier, Taco a new leather dog collar. Here is the process. Of course we had some Jimmy Buffett in the background, and adult beverage, and a cigar, to pass the time away. 
  • 6 Rules to Owning a Pair of Chinos

    Thursday, June 4, 2015 How to Wear Chinos First let’s get a few things out of the way: The Color: Khaki is a color, Chinos are a pair of pants. With that said, wear your chinos in as many colors as humanly possible. Women will appreciate that. The more insecure man, will become jealous. Pockets: A good pair of chinos have only 4 pockets,...
  • Ella Bing Vlog_03 - Busch Gardens

      Ella and I spend the morning at Busch Gardens in Tampa. It's typically a short day as she really can't ride much, and tuckers out quickly. So we try to arrive when the park opens, and are done around 11 or 12. She is about half an inch too short to ride the tidal wave ride, but she is tall enough to ride...
  • Ella Bing Vlog_02: A Day at Fort DeSoto Beach

    We decided to head out to Fort DeSoto Beach, specifically the North end. Fort DeSoto is the southern most point in Pinellas County. And at one point, 2006 I believe was actually named the number one beach in America. Its a beautiful destination and a great place to spend with kids. in addition to being one of the nicest beaches around, there is an...
  • Ella Bing Vlog_01: It Begins

    Monday, May 25, 2015 Here at Ella Bing, we are trying something new when it comes to content. We are going to start producing vlogs, containing a behind the scene look at what exactly goes on at EB. We will also be posting more personal content of us at events, or out and about on the weekends. This is a new direction for this blog...
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Great necktie

Love that the necktie is 100% cotton