Store Closing - End of an Era


It is with great sadness and regret that we announce Ella Bing will be closing our proverbial doors after today. 

We first want to thank our thousands upon thousands of fans and customers for their support over the past 1.5 years.  After a long deliberation and many nights of round table discussions we've decided to pursue our true passion, clothing (with hand crocheted sweaters) the stray cats of Peru, it's an epidemic down there. In the end, Ella Bing just couldn't compete with the likes of over seas discount bow ties from the Tie Bar, they got Dwayne Wade from cripes sake! Or laser cut, mass produced wood bow ties from Two Guys, after all, who doesn't need a good dog biscuit?

We were immediately inspired by this quote - "If you don't immediately become a millionaire, quit". - Unknown 

It makes sense and as much as it saddens us we have decided it's best to concede to the competition instead of mass producing or outsourcing to other countries. Handmade, American made, quality products are WAAAY over rated anyways. 

We hope you understand and as a thank you for all of your support we've decided to mark everything down to .99¢. #BOOMSHAKALAKA

Click here for the .99 cent promo code!



The Team at Ella Bing


 P.S. Don't be sad for us. Because of Ella Bing we will never run out of seersucker bow ties and that my friends, is the bee's knees.  

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735 reviews

Official 2020 Sarasota JDRF Bow Tie

BF Loves them!

I got these for my boyfriend a few weeks ago and he absolutely adores them. Well done Ella Bing.

Love these

These sunglasses are my new favs. I love the detail in the wood inlay. So cool. Thanks guys.

Love the Zebrawood

I wear sunglasses 100% of the time I am outside. So I tend to have many many pairs. I am so glad I added these Ella Bing sunglasses to my collection. Light weight. Super stealth looking and that zebrawood is just amazing. Highly recommend.