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Once a small town boy from Salinas, Kansas, Nick Wooster has become a menswear fashion icon. He first gained attention from his debut in Tommy Ton’s street style photos for Ever since then, the man’s popularity grew and made him into a sartorial street style star. Nick’s personal style has a certain signature to it. It’s sharp, clean, effortless, and never boring.


To understand his personal style, you have to understand the basics. He believes in a strong foundation of tailoring and staple pieces. Even though his style can be seen as eccentric at times, he never sacrifices the fit of the garment. You will always see Wooster in a perfectly fitted blazer and trousers. Find pieces that really compliment and fit your body type. Which can also be said about accessories. Invest in accessories that suit you. Nick personally wears round-framed sunglasses because it compliments his facial structure. Accessories should serve a purpose and should be used to elevate your look not flood it.


He picks clothes that have a classic feel to it with an edge like cropped suits, floral blazers, and pastel pink pants. His beard and tattoos contrast against his classic dandy style. His wardrobe is a mixture of traditional key items in neutrals and prints. Don’t be afraid to wear prints! Floral, gingham, tartan, stripes, to abstract prints; there is a print out there for you. Or try them all like Nick. Prints can drastically change the feeling of your look. It adds a sense of humor to his style. Small changes in your wardrobe can separate a look from being average to outstanding.


This white haired dapper devil dresses so confidently and comfortably. He describes his style as “smooth and slow burning”. He’s daring yet refined. His attitude carries the clothes and doesn’t overpower him. It is a perfect match to his personality, which is what personal style is all about.


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  • Posted on by Kadyn

    This is awesome…I love the way he puts himself together. It is so true what you’re saying about prints. I’ve really started to love matching prints…I like the floral and paisley. I occasionally do some stripes as well. I’ve recently started to get a lot of attention with my style and it’s because I pay attention to the little details and read little articles like these. Keep them coming.

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