Style Profile: Kiel James Patrick, KJP



When you think about Classic American style you might think of brands like Brooks Brothers and J. Press. Fast forward to the 2014, where Instagram stars like Kiel James Patrick, aka KJP, are popular sources of style inspiration. KJP owns his own self-named brand that specializes in handcrafted bracelets, belts, and other accessories. Looking through his Instagram photos, you get a sense of his take on Classic American style.

A man who appreciates timeless well-crafted clothes, he quotes his style as “Classic American Effortless Elegance”. He redefines what “preppy” is. Even though he is often labeled as preppy, he doesn’t see himself under that stereotype. Sometimes the word preppy has a negative connotation because people associate it with stuffy and snobby. However his photos tell a much different vibe. He’s relatable and funny. His personal style is a modern take on the classic Ivy League style.


Look at his closet picture above! Breaking down his style favorites is easy to pinpoint. For starters, KJP embraces colors of every shade and patterns of every kind.


Accessories? He has tons that pick up on small details of his outfit. Ties, bow ties, bracelets, sunglasses, belts, socks, scarves, bags, etc. he’s got it.

Shoes? He has an insane shoe collection of boots, boat shoes, and loafers. KJP has a collection of vintage Dooney & Burke boat shoes!

Layering? He’s mastered that too, with a wardrobe of rainbow selection of button downs, patterned sweaters, and textured blazers.


What can you learn from Mr. Patrick is that he stays true to himself. Mixing his ideals of a timeless wardrobe and strong sense of individuality is how he created his signature look. He didn’t follow trends. Inspired by his Northeastern upbringing, KJP’s style is truly influenced by nautical themes. Incorporate what you love into your outfits, not what you think others would like. As a former prep school kid, he sought out to find ways to be creative with his uniform. KJP wanted to be unique and authentic.

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