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As Taylor Swift once said, “You’ve got that James Dean look in your eyes…” Most guys would argue that in order to achieve that James Dean attitude it much more than a look in your eyes. In his short Hollywood career, James Dean distinguished the youth of America’s fashion. When you look at images of o him during the1950s-1960s, you made be thinking to yourself, “that’s what everyone wears these days”.


Like every generation they rebelled against the typical standards of what their parents did. The youth opted to wear more casual pieces of clothing, which really distinguished them from their elders. Teenagers began to start dressing for themselves. It was time when the youth was evolving and really differentiating them from the rest of society.


James Dean is the epitome of American fashion, to this day his style still influences the modern mans wardrobe.  Today he is regarded as a fashion icon, due to his rebellious attitude and timeless photos. Style is not only what you wear but how you wear it.


His three movies each inspire a specific type of style. Often associated with western, workwear, beatnik, preppy and greaser. The most iconic look is from the movie “A Rebel Without A Cause”. The movie was supposed to a black and white, which would have changed everything.  The infamous red jacket he sports in the film with a white t-shirt and fitted jeans.   


He was often scene in very causal pieces that have become staples in every man’s wardrobes. All three-movie roles did vary in style, but his personal style was a mix of all three. Nonchalant attitude went with his clothing choices. T-shirts, jeans, blouson jackets, biker jackets, loafers, round framed glasses and Breton stripes were some of his favorite pieces. Even when he was dressed up it still gave off a smart casual vibe. Which also explains how he would style his hair too. Not too messy but never too polished. The James Dean style embodies rebellious attitude with a sense of ease to it.

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