Step By Step Guide to Tying a Bow Tie!


 How to Tie a Bow Tie



Step By Step: How to Tie a Bow Tie

Tie a bow tie

Step 1: The Guy: Find a random guy, with a dress shirt, and who happens to have a Bow Tie....Yes this guy will do.

Tie a bow tie

Step 2: Grab a bow tie, ensure the left bow is about 2 - 2.5" longer then the right bow. Oh, and button that top button!

Tie a bow tie

Step 3: Cross the longer left bow over the shorter right. Then loop the left under the right, just like you are tying a shoe! Now the left bow is on your right, and the right is on your left...keeping up?

Tie a bow tie

Step 4: Now close to your neck, pinch with your left hand

Tie a bow tie

Step 5: And Fold, you now have the front of the bow, we are almost there!

Tie a bow tie

Step 6: Pin the front of the bow against your body.

Tie a bow tie

Step 7: Drape the other bow over the front, getting the idea yet?

Tie a bow tie

Step 8: Now the magic. Pinch the front bow (the white one in the photo) like a taco, and pull outward forming a small hole.

Tie a bow tie

Step 9: Take the other bow and get as close to the hole with your index finger, pushing the bow throw the hole.

Tie a bow tie

Step 10: Pushing the bow with your index finger through the hole. Pull it out slightly with your other hand.

Tie a bow tie

Step 11: Neatly fashion your bow tie as you please.


When you are done learning the art of tying a bow tie, stop by our bow tie page and browse our collection of super cool bow ties.

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