Bow Ties Stand Proud at the 2013 Grammys


 Bow Ties | 2013 Grammys | Ella Bing

 As we are sure you know the 2013 Grammys took place earlier this week. From an entertainment point of view, I found the show to be valuable and entertaining. From JT being absolutely everywhere, including commercials, to Fun and Adele. It was a good show. But alas, we didn't watch the show for that, no, no, we watched the show for the bow ties, of course. We started out with the Red Carpet show on E! Let's take a quick gander who we spotted wearing bow ties, if we missed someone let us know.


Pharrell - Alright, this guy was wearing a stunning emerald bow tie, but first thing I thought was, 'Is Pharrell wearing a clip-on?' We think he was, call us bow tie snobs, but we just cant get over the fact that he was wearing a clip-on. 



Dude from the Roots - Don't know his name, but he looked good sporting a black bow ties.

Adam Levine - He was looking good, wearing all black including his bow tie, very classy and sharp.



Ryan Seecrest - I liked this lil guys look, black slacks, gray jacket and a black bow tie, classy

Janelle Monae - Finally a women wearing a large bow tie, we salute you!



Wiz Khalifa - Looking smooth, White tux jacket, black pants, black bow tie, nuff said.

Flo Rider - Blue Tux with a dark blue bow tie, showed us why he is the man.

Justin Timberlake - Timberlake was obviously the crown jewel of the show, his bow tie was black and large, possibly a 3' butterfly.

LL Cool J - The host of the show, we are big fans of LL, but was he too wearing a clip-on? Uh yeah, that's a clip-on, tisk tisk.



John Legend - We love John Legend's music and his black on black was top notch.

John Meyer - We saw Meyer presenting an award, he looked good, except someone should have straightened his bow tie, before he went out on stage.

Jay Z - This guy can pretty much do what he wants, we were happy seeing him staying classing, and rocking a black bow tie

Nas - Copper Jacket with a black bow tie - looked good sporting it, looks like a clip-on. *Shaking my head.


 Alabama Shakes Dude - He was wearing a bow tie, but we can’t recall the details, our bad.

There you have it kids, let us know where we screwed up or who we missed. It was a fun night and we were happy to see bow ties making a strong case for their class and swag. For more details on Ella Bing and our unique mix of Southern Prep and hipster bow ties, check out our Tampa Bay inspired site!

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