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2013 Summer | Bow Ties | Ella Bing

Summer time is upon us, so it’s time to update that wardrobe, for fun, chic summer time goodness.

Shorts –

Here at Ella Bing we aren't fans of cargo shorts. Typically they are worn incorrectly – too long and baggy, reminding us of summer 1999. If you do choose cargos, make sure they fit well. We prefer and are big fans of Chubbies, a fun ‘MAN’ company, based out of San Francisco. If you are a bit shy to show a little thigh, then consider these shorts the thing to introduce your thighs to the sky. Make sure to pick up a few pairs to keep your variety fresh this summer.



Shoes –

Boat shoes and Chucks, that’s where it pretty much ends with Ella Bing this summer. Both can go literally with anything and both come in a vast selection of color, to show off your uniqueness.  If you’re a bit more preppy, then the boat shoe is going to be your mode of transportation. Going for the hipster look? Then jump into some Chucks. Want to take either up a notch, switch out the laces for something a bit more bright and eye-catching.


Shirts –

This summer we prefer the dressed-casual look with the short sleeve button down. A perfect versatile piece, whether you are adding a blazer for an evening out on the town, or going for a casual look with it un-tucked. This summer we are big into small prints, which adds subtle flare to your already clutch look.


Next Level Accessories -

You knew this was coming; we are a bodacious handmade bow tie company after all! Piece your look together with a bow tie. It’s a perfect casual look this summer when paired with shorts and a button downed shirt. Dude Bracelets are going to be hot this summer too, whether you go with a leather strapped bracelet or cloth, it’s a dapper look. Also those Ray Bans need a leash, so make sure you head on over to and take a look at the ultimate sunglass accessory.



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Always the classiest ties

I get nothing but great compliments when I wear my Ella Bung bow ties

More Sunglasses and a Watch

Love our 😎 shades we got for Christmas 🎄
Early birthday present for the hubby, New Watch! Brent is great and the store is awesome! Support small business 🖤


Great product

Dont miss this gem in Hyde park

I live a few blocks from hyde park and had never been in this store. Shame on me! It has an eclectic mix of fun things. Just go browse, I'm sure you will find something. I certainly did! I loved these socks that I bought for my daughter. Very fun. The lady in the shop was very nice and helpful.

Great shop.

Excellent gift recommendations. The sunglasses were perfect, wonderfully packaged, and reasonably priced. The cigar box gift box was the perfect touch. Highly recommended local retailer.