Twenty Things Every Gentleman Should Own – Part 1 of 2

Most men are not terribly interested in gaining more and more crap. With that said, there are particular items that are almost must haves for the modern gentleman as they will add a great richness in lifestyle. When purchasing these items, choose quality and you may only need to obtain these items once in your lifetime. [Continue Reading]

07: Ella Bing sits down with Jeff Plotner of Brackish Bow Ties

Tune in for a nice chat with one of the co-founders of Brackish Bow Ties, the creators of the utterly amazing feathered bow tie.

Three Fall 2013 Work Attire Looks, that Work.

Ahhhh...Fall is upon us. Our clothing styles for every day life are changing, as should your work attire. Here are a few quick tips for looking fresh during the fall months.  If you are the button down and khakis kinda guy... then keep doing what you've always done. Just swap out those tan khakis, for something with a bit more color. Yes we know this style was trending during the spring and summer months, but thank goodness, this fall, the style is still going strong. So wear a light teal, o...

The Fall Workout Wardrobe Guide

The Ella Bing Guide to your Fall Workout Wardrobe Alright dudes, we know its still summer, and y'all are probably still working on those tans, but alas, old man winter will be creeping in soon. And unlike bears, us guys do not need to put on winter weight to stay warm. We have to stay active through the cool fall and cold as hell winter months. Here at Ella Bing, we can at least help you look good while doing it. Here are some essentials for Fall 2013 workout wardrobes. Whether you are gym-du...