• Join us at the Oxford Exchange Gift Bazaar Dec 1st

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    The Oxford Exchange will be hosting its first annual Gift Bazaar on Dec 1st from 10am to 4pm at the Commerce Club. Please join us in ushering in the holiday season and supporting local business in the Tampa Bay area. We will be teaming up with Black and Denim and Fortenberry for one stellar and exciting shopping experience. Along with over 20 other specially curated vendors with...
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Ella Bing Reviews

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Official 2020 Sarasota JDRF Bow Tie

BF Loves them!

I got these for my boyfriend a few weeks ago and he absolutely adores them. Well done Ella Bing.

Love these

These sunglasses are my new favs. I love the detail in the wood inlay. So cool. Thanks guys.

Love the Zebrawood

I wear sunglasses 100% of the time I am outside. So I tend to have many many pairs. I am so glad I added these Ella Bing sunglasses to my collection. Light weight. Super stealth looking and that zebrawood is just amazing. Highly recommend.