Trend To Try: Oversized

Flashback about 10-15 years ago when rappers wore XXXL tees… Remember how horrible that was? Men decided to wear t-shirts that were definitely 4 sizes too big for them. Which lead to a shift for slim silhouettes and where some guys took it too literal. Purchasing shirts in “schmediums”.

How to Wear Chukka Boots

 Today we are going to talk about the ever so popular and trend for the moment, the Chukka Boot. Step out of your comfort zone and let us teach you a little something.

The Art of a Fine Men's Dress Shirt

We count down our list of what makes for one hell of a fine men's dress shirt!

Bacon, Bow Ties and Raising Money For a Great Local Cause

This past Monday, May 19th, we held our first fundraising event at Datz in South Tampa. We had 107 amazing bacon loving, bow tie wearing Tampa Bay peeps RSVP to the event.  

Twenty Things Every Gentleman Should Own – Part 1 of 2

Most men are not terribly interested in gaining more and more crap. With that said, there are particular items that are almost must haves for the modern gentleman as they will add a great richness in lifestyle. When purchasing these items, choose quality and you may only need to obtain these items once in your lifetime. [Continue Reading]

07: Ella Bing sits down with Jeff Plotner of Brackish Bow Ties

Tune in for a nice chat with one of the co-founders of Brackish Bow Ties, the creators of the utterly amazing feathered bow tie.

The Fall of Color

The Fall of Color - Brighten up your Winter Wardrobe Of course, here at Ella Bing we strive to keep the staples alive and well. But every once in a while we run across a period of time where the traditionals aren't so traditional. Where Spring and Summer trends continue on into the Fall, the same only different. Colors and patterns with a fall twist. Ella Bing is here to tell you the Fall of 2013 is just that time.Today we are going to talk about the pieces that can transform you from the eve...

Wearing a bow tie

The art of wearing a bow tie In the experienced hands of a bow tie aficionado, the bow's final shape can end up influencing the outfit's overall image, even more than the fabric. It should be noted, that neck wear should not distract from the face.  And because it is often the most notable piece of clothing, it must be carefully presented.    Let's first take a look at two issues, do consider when wearing a bow tie with style. The first being, its width, it should not extend be...

The Fall Workout Wardrobe Guide

The Ella Bing Guide to your Fall Workout Wardrobe Alright dudes, we know its still summer, and y'all are probably still working on those tans, but alas, old man winter will be creeping in soon. And unlike bears, us guys do not need to put on winter weight to stay warm. We have to stay active through the cool fall and cold as hell winter months. Here at Ella Bing, we can at least help you look good while doing it. Here are some essentials for Fall 2013 workout wardrobes. Whether you are gym-du...

Attention to detail - The Pocket Square

A few tips in wearing a pocket square The pocket square is one of the most impressive accessories (the other being a lapel flower) a man can wear. But how do you wear it without looking like a clown? How do you pair it with your suit and tie? Read on to find these answers and more. Rule number one, there are no rules. Per say. The pocket square should simply complement your shirt and tie, but make certain they do not match, just coordinate, you do not want to look like a little school boy. ...

Summer Time Goodness - Lets Jazz it up a bit

2013 Summer | Bow Ties | Ella Bing Summer time is upon us, so it’s time to update that wardrobe, for fun, chic summer time goodness. Shorts – Here at Ella Bing we aren't fans of cargo shorts. Typically they are worn incorrectly – too long and baggy, reminding us of summer 1999. If you do choose cargos, make sure they fit well. We prefer and are big fans of Chubbies, a fun ‘MAN’ company, based out of San Francisco. If you are a bit shy to show a little thigh, then consider these shorts the ...