• The Gator Chomp Bow Tie Review

    Spending very little time in Gainesville, FL, except for good ol' SEC Football games, and waving as I pass by on the way to Jacksonville. We actually know very little about the swamp, but heck this bow tie sorta-kinda sports UF colors, and it reminds us of the University of Florida, and succulent gardenia flowers, for obvious reasons. Story time, a few years back, I was attending...
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Official 2020 Sarasota JDRF Bow Tie

BF Loves them!

I got these for my boyfriend a few weeks ago and he absolutely adores them. Well done Ella Bing.

Love these

These sunglasses are my new favs. I love the detail in the wood inlay. So cool. Thanks guys.

Love the Zebrawood

I wear sunglasses 100% of the time I am outside. So I tend to have many many pairs. I am so glad I added these Ella Bing sunglasses to my collection. Light weight. Super stealth looking and that zebrawood is just amazing. Highly recommend.