• Bacon, Bow Ties and Raising Money For a Great Local Cause

    This past Monday, May 19th, we held our first fundraising event at Datz in South Tampa. We had 107 amazing bacon loving, bow tie wearing Tampa Bay peeps RSVP to the event.  
  • Let's Get Drunk AND....

    Today we are going to cover a little Adult Drinking 101, not an end all to be all, just simply a few things every guy should know. Namely, we should probably know what drinks change our breath for better and worse. Also, we should know what two drinks every women loves. It would also behoove us to know what types of adult beverages your...
  • Twenty Things Every Gentleman Should Own – Part 1 of 2

    1 comment
    Most men are not terribly interested in gaining more and more crap. With that said, there are particular items that are almost must haves for the modern gentleman as they will add a great richness in lifestyle. When purchasing these items, choose quality and you may only need to obtain these items once in your lifetime. [Continue Reading]
  • The Proper Technique for Ironing a Dress Shirt

    A dirty little secret about the dry cleaner, although they might be ultra-convenient, they wreak havoc on your clothing. Extreme chemicals, high temperatures can dramatically shorten the life of your Sunday’s best. Unless you’re at your best friend’s bachelor party, and you’ve had the unfortunate run in with Daisy the stripper, think twice before sending your clothing off to the dry cleaner. Do yourself...
  • The Perfect Suit for a Summer Time Wedding

    2013 Summer
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