• A Sit Down Interview with Jack Donaghy

    Ella Bing had the chance to sit down and chat with former GE and Kabletown, Executive Jack Donaghy.    Jack Donaghy: Remind me after this interview to fire my publicist. I shouldn't be conducting interviews with a bow tie company, who let you in here? Fox News and CEO Weekly, these are the outlets I should be giving my time to. I'll tell you what...I will give...
  • Wearing a bow tie

    The art of wearing a bow tie In the experienced hands of a bow tie aficionado, the bow's final shape can end up influencing the outfit's overall image, even more than the fabric. It should be noted, that neck wear should not distract from the face.  And because it is often the most notable piece of clothing, it must be carefully presented.    Let's...
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Ella Bing Reviews

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645 reviews
EB Rocks!

One of my new favorite companys to shop with. They always get it right!

Top Notch!

Top Notch everything with Ella Bing as always. I love my bow tie.

I needed a bow tie

We swung by the haberdashery after looking at alternative bow ties else where. So glad we did, there selection was amazing.

The perfect tie

I had been looking for a bow tie for a while. I am so glad I stumbled on Ella Bing. Idk why they do not rank higher. Always a fan now, thanks guys!

I love them

Some of my favorite pieces come from Ella Bing. They are just the best.