Colorful Cotton Bow Ties in Timeless and Trendy Patterns

Bright cotton bow ties are the perfect way to take an outfit up a notch. Score style points on a first date with a paisley tie, button-up, and jeans, or make a lasting impression at your next interview by pairing a gingham bow with your favorite suit. Making a one-of-a-kind statement? ELLA BING’s cloth novelty ties fit the bill, featuring prints like stars and stripes, flamingoes, and anchors.

Unlike the cotton bow ties that are sold at every department store in the mall, ELLA BING’s ties are hand-crafted in the United States. And, because we know that one size really doesn’t fit all, we make our ties adjustable (most of our bow ties can fit up to an 18 inch neck).

And, we offer several different cuts and styles, including the: 2 inch butterfly cut, 2 inch diamond cut, and the 5 inch butterfly cut.

Ready to revamp your tie collection? Shop ELLA BING’s cotton bow ties below: 

Cotton Bow Ties