Lets be honest, neck ties are sooo last decade.  Ella Bing wants to help you become a true non-comformist gentlemen of style, aka, a bow tie wearer. We offer this new simple solution to eradicate the earth of neckties. Send them to us, and we will gladly hand tailor your neckties into a brand spankin' new Reversible Bow Tie! It's easy, just select your desired bow tie style, and we will take care of the rest.

So here are the details:

    • Send us Two, yes two of your old neckties (we will explain later) the fatter the better, and lets make sure they are clean, and no jelly stains.
    • We ask for two because there are two sides to a bow tie, and one necktie just isn't enough material.
    • With the two neckties we will tailor them into one fabulous reversible bow tie. 
    • $30 bucks and you get a brand NEW Ella Bing bow tie!
    • Start raiding grandpa's closet and find those wacky patterns, and click here

Once you have placed your order, we will be in contact with you lickety split, to give you all the details you will need to become one bodacious dude this summer!


Use Promo Code: Bow Ties Rock for Free Shipping!



The Necktie Eradication Project

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