The Who

Here at Ella Bing, we strive to provide to you the highest of qualities in materials, fabrics and craftsmanship.  Each of our Bow Ties are hand made, in Tampa Bay, Florida, using top notch interfacing, 100% silk threading, and prime fabrics. We realize you have many options, and choices out there when it comes to selecting a bow tie. This is why we only use the highest quality fabrics we can find. All Ella Bing Bow Ties are made from quality woven fabrics, we refuse to use printed materials. Giving you an equisette bow tie, suitable for a true gentleman. A bow tie is an instant conversation piece, allowing you to wear it like a badge of courage, while displaying intellect, like a true nonconformist gentleman of style. Exposing your elegant flare, like a bona fide style savvy gentlemen. Remember, to become the most intriguing gentleman in the room, you have to rock a bow tie!

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The Where

Ella Bing is based straight out of beautiful, sunny, Tampa Bay Florida. Home of Cigars, beaches, and now custom handmade bow ties. According to our dearest friends over at Wikipedia, Tampa Bay is composed of roughly 2.7 million residents, making it the second largest metropolitan area in the state, and the fourth largest in the Southeastern United States, behind only Miami, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Furthermore the greater Tampa Bay area has just over 4 million residents. Now that's a lot of necks to get bow ties on! One of the most well known and anticipated events each year is the annual celebration of Gasparilla, a pirate invading celebration held since 1904. This event is often referred to as Tampa's Mardi Gras, the event draws nearly 400,000 attendees each year.

The Why

Way back in 2008 my brother Matthew had a vision of standing out, being unique, and being your own person. All while exuding the confidence to pull it all together. Often times he helped demonstrate his style by wearing a bow tie. Tragically Matthew lost his life in late 2010 while living in Manhattan, New York. Personally, one way for me to keep my brothers memory around, was to wear one of his many bow ties. When I, myself starting wearing bow ties to remember Matthew, I realized why he did it. A bow tie allows you to stand out in a crowd of men wearing neck ties.

A bow tie is an instant conversation piece. It exhibits class, swagger and intellect. You can proudly wear a bow tie as a badge of courage, proving that you are a well rounded individual, a true nonconformist man of style.


In late 2011, I moved to Jacksonville, FL and spent a considerable about of time in the Riverside/Avondale historic district. With its distinctive mix of culture and urban living, it really brought out my creative side while allowing me to grow as a person.  Thus Ella Bing was born out of necessity. Named after Matthew's niece, who he only met once. We created Ella Bing in honor of Matthew, it is our way to always keep him alive and in our memories.

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Always the classiest ties

I get nothing but great compliments when I wear my Ella Bung bow ties

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Great product

Dont miss this gem in Hyde park

I live a few blocks from hyde park and had never been in this store. Shame on me! It has an eclectic mix of fun things. Just go browse, I'm sure you will find something. I certainly did! I loved these socks that I bought for my daughter. Very fun. The lady in the shop was very nice and helpful.

Great shop.

Excellent gift recommendations. The sunglasses were perfect, wonderfully packaged, and reasonably priced. The cigar box gift box was the perfect touch. Highly recommended local retailer.