Bow Tie Care

The Basics

At ELLA BING we make our bow ties by hand, stitch by stitch, while using premium fabrics. Help yourself with these tips on how to keep them looking great.

1. Don't wear them out

Every guy's got their favorites—but the best way to keep your bow ties in great condition? Stock up and start a rotation.

2. Multiple bow ties for each outfit

A good rule of thumb? Invest in three or four bow ties that go with each suit or sport coat.

3. Hang them with your suit

Give yourself easy access by keeping the bow ties hung on the suit they go with, draping them around the collar of the coat.

4. Invest in a tie rack or organizer

Organize all of your bow ties in one place using a tie rack or organizer. This way, you can easily see your options (and what additions or subtractions to make to your collection).

Everyday Care


When removing your bow tie, untie the knot by pulling on the front blade and back blade in the opposite direction. After removing, hang the bow tie on a tie rack or coat collar, or fold it up in a tie organizer.


Do not leave the bow tie knotted (it will permanently crease the fabric).

Removing Wrinkles

Slight wrinkle

Place the bow tie on its tie rack overnight.

A bit stubborn

If that doesn't work, roll up the bow tie, and let it sit for a day.

Deep wrinkle

We give you permission to steam the bow tie—but resist the urge to iron it (you'll risk ruining it).

Removing Stains

At ELLA BING our bow ties are made from silk, wool, cotton, or linen. We'll go ahead and warn you—removing stains on silk is tricky. A good rule of thumb? Always blot the stain (don't rub).

Water based stains

For water-soluble stains, use a clean cloth and dab with a small amount of seltzer water.

Oil based stains

For oil-based stains, talcum powder may pull it out.

Serious stains

Serious stains can be removed with spot remover or other mild cleaning agents. Test first on the back of the tie to be sure the remover won't damage it.

Last resort

Go ahead and take it to a dry cleaner you trust.