Let's start with questions you will get while wearing an Ella Bing Woody.

1. Is that wood? Why yes it is, pretty sweet huh?

2. Is it heavy? Ella Bing uses exotic woods, some wood is denser than others.

3. How does it connect around your neck? Our $55.00 Woody's connect with Velcro, simple and functional. While our $85.00 Woody's connect with a clip and adjuster system, much like that of a traditional bow tie.

4. Can I touch it? There is an obvious answer to this question. Simply said, if you want to be the center of attention where ever you go, wear an Ella Bing Woody, this is speaking from experience. 

More traditional questions.

1. Why do you do what you do? We do this because of this guy

2. How did you get started, why bow ties? The idea came one day, while working up in Jacksonville, FL. My mom was visiting, (she had always been an awesome seamstress) we were chatting about my brother Matthew. It's a concept I had been thinking about for some time, for a way to remember Matthew. Once I pitched her the idea, we started brainstorming, the rest is history. 

3. Where did the idea for wood bow ties come from? Excellent question! There are a ton of bow tie companies out there, so at first, it was really hard to compete, and set ourselves apart. Meanwhile, my dad's a bad ass wood worker, and we were trying to incorporate him into Ella Bing. So it seemed like a natural marriage, we did a quick Google search, found there was really only one other company making them, and saw we could compete in that market. 

4. Where did the name Ella Bing come from? Well my daughters name is Ella, I think it's an elegant name, and I think bow ties can be that way too. As for Bing, that word is sort of exciting, comes with some flare, which I thought our bow ties could achieve. Plus we think Ella Bing just kinda roles off your tongue nicely.  

5. Why ship in cigar boxes? Because we are awesome, simply put. We are huge on presentation, and the total experience. Early on, before we ever made a single bow tie, we bought a few bow ties from around the web. And boy, were we disappointed in the total package. We decided right there and then, that we would be better than the rest, more unique than the competition. Tampa runs deep with cigar history, so it seemed like the perfect fit for us, representing Tampa's great history.