Our Packaging

As we were creating Ella Bing, back in the day, which if we remember correctly was a Tuesday, we ordered a bow tie from another company. You know, to do our own investigative reporting, to reverse engineer what they were doing, and why. We spent $65.00 on this bow tie, and looking back, we suppose our expectations were set high because of the price point. 

The bow tie came in a timely manor, but arrived in some sort of manila folder shipping bag. Big exhale...this was underwhelming to say the least right off the bat. To us, first impressions meant a lot. We proceeded to open the bag, found a nice note (brownie points) and then the bow tie. To keep it short, once we operated on the bow tie, we were as disappointed with the bow tie as much as the packaging. 

So we learned a lot from that small experience. We learned we could make a much better, higher quality bow tie for less. And we learned that presentation is king. Now we too remember the early days of our company, small white boxes, with the shipping address hand written, boy have we grown. 

Today our presentation has received high praise from many of our bow tie buyers. And its because we believe presentation is everything. It is as much apart of the bow tie itself, its the Ella Bing experience. 

At Ella Bing all of our bow ties ship in a sharp vintage wooden cigar box, that date from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, according to the retired eye doctor we bought them from. You see his mother was a hand cigar roller in Tampa from the 1930's on ward for the La Rosalia Cigar Company of Tampa. The boxes even include the Seal of the City of Tampa. 

Tampa was once the mecca for cigar manufacturing, we love the fact that we can help pass along a piece of Tampa's history on to you.