The Ella Bing Proclamation

We know bow ties, we have a strong love for them. We have a bad taste in our mouths over neckties. And the perception they must be worn to our Monday through Friday jobs. The idea that all men must look the same, isn't it bad enough we are forced to sit in a cube, like hamsters for 8 hours a day? Enough is enough! Ella Bing is taking a stand against the long domination of neck ties. This is why we have a passion for bow ties, to break away from the norm, to stand out in a crowd of necktie wearing baboons. To become a nonconformist gentlemen of style! We have put our bow ties up against the so called best and have put painstaking hours, blood, sweat and tears into producing the most bad ass, bodacious bow ties on the planet. We are extremely proud of our craft and we want to share it with the world. 

An Ella Bing bow tie is simply the best gift you can give your neck. Made from quality textiles and fabrics. They are completely at home in the office, and can dominate the weekend, while you become an attention getting lady getter. Each of our bow ties is meticulously handmade with love, nothing is mass produced and everything is made right here in America. Every bow tie is QA'd and inspected under a magnifying glass before it is shipped, looking for imperfections. We are our harshest critics, because we expect the best.