Q: Why am I leaving the ELLA BING site to design my shoes?

A: ELLA BING has partnered with the Bespoke Factory Group to design our shoes. Because of this, you will need to leave the ELLA BING website and start your design process with them. Once you are satisfied with your design, click the order button. You will be asked to confirm your design and be sent back to the ELLA BING shopping cart on the ELLA BING website. 

Q: So who is the Bespoke Factory Group anyways?

A: Bespoke Factory Group, a Luxury Footwear Production Office for Private Labels and Boutiques located in Almansa, Spain. Historical records show that artisan shoe production started flourishing in Almansa at the beginning of the 18th century. Shoes were crafted in small workshops, each one with a ‘Maestro’ artisan, helped by a pair of officials and one apprentice.

Q: What if I order the wrong size or they do not fit me well? 

A: We will treat these shoes just like any other ELLA BING product. Per the usual. We will work with you to make you a happy and satisfied customer. 

Q: How long will production take?

A: To create your custom bespoke smoking slippers the Bespoke Factory Group requests 30 days. This does not include shipping times. 

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Great experience!

Very cute store with unique items, a darling dog and excellent customer service.

Amazing store

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