The Right Way, the Ella Bing Difference

One consistent piece of feed back we have received, is how impressed you all are about our quality. From the presentation, down to the hand written card, people like the effort we put into creating an experience. This of course is no accident, we go above and beyond to ensure each and every bow tie is just right. There are no short cuts at Ella Bing, we believe in doing things the right way, every time, it's who we are, it's that simple. 

The Cloth

First we research market trends, then we like to take those trends and turn them upside down and make them our own. Now, truth be told Florida isn't exactly the fabric mecca of the world. But we get by, by doing our due diligence when searching for top notch fabrics. Once we have found the perfect materials, each of our cloth bow ties, are handmade with love and care, one by one, typically made to order. 

The Wood

Now we aren't tooting our own horn, but we are fairly confident we make the best wood bow ties on the planet. Especially when compared with the dog biscuits by those other guys. We use exotic woods that come from all over the world, but that's not what makes our wood bow ties so unique and amazing. What does, is the fact that every single Woody, is made from hand, no laser cutting here. We start with a block of wood and end up with a masterpiece. It's that dedication to our craft that makes our Woody's so damn awesome. 

The Presentation

We are a Tampa Bay based company, and if you know anything about Tampa's history, you know it's rich in the cigar industry. Every single bow tie we ship, is sent along in a vintage wood cigar box from the 30's, 40's and 50's. From the La Rosalia Cigar Company. It's this added touch that puts the icing on the cake for Ella Bing, it's that extra step by us, to make you and your Ella Bing experience memorable. 

Giving Back

At our core, we are a family who started Ella Bing in memory of a lost son. My brother was a kick ass bow tie wearing kind of guy. And ultimately it's our goal to raise awareness about suicide prevention, that is why we donate 10% of every sale to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. We know a bow tie cannot save someones life, but it's a start in the right direction.