The Avondale

Ella Bing


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Handcrafted Bow Ties | Pink and Purple Checkers | Ella Bing Bow Ties Tampa Bay

We couldn't explain it any better, so here is a snippet from the Riverside Avondale Preservation website.  

"Hidden away from the highway traveler lies an extraordinary neighborhood that exudes charm and scenery, art and history, just a few blocks from the interstate traffic. In many ways this community embodies what all of Jacksonville once was but no longer is. It is Riverside Avondale, one of American's great historic neighborhoods."

Well, with that being said, we present, The Avondale. An eclectic mix of character, charm, and southern sophistication. This mix of pinks, purples and maroons, woven together with white train tracks, gives this cotton-poly blend a remarkable look. Wear this bow tie when you want to exude southern charm while taking a stroll along the St. Johns River. 

  • Fits up to a size 18'' neck
  • 100% Silk Threading
  • Metal vinyl coated hardware for easy adjustments
  • An interesting cotton-poly blend fabric - astonishing 
  • Freestyle - learn to tie a bow tie here!



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