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Ella Bing


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Handcrafted | Wood | Bow Ties | Ella Bing

This handcrafted striped wood bow tie, utilizes two exotic woods. The first being from the Jack Fruit Tree. This ornate wood is used for priest's seats during Hindu ceremonies in Kerala. In Vietnam, the wood is prized for making Buddhist statuaries in Temples. 

Not to be out done, the Tiama Mahogany is dark, hard, strong and durable. Making for a very big statement with its alternating color combination.

  • Hailing from The Philippines and S. Africa
  • Hand Carved with love, from real sweet wood
  • Fits up to a size 18'' Neck - If you have a larger neck, let us know, we will take care of it. 
  • Connect with Velco - it's that easy baby!
  • Get your prep on with wood - be unique
  • Woody Dimensions: 4.5 x 2 1/4"


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