The Barrington Sumner Anchors + Seersucker Bow Tie

Ella Bing


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Navy Seersucker & Pale Yellow Anchor Bow Tie

When browsing a Tampa antique shop one winter afternoon I came across a model ship. It could have been a representation of the Queen Anne's Revenge, or the SS. Minnow, I could not tell, as I was distracted by the most wondrous chess board I'd ever set my eyes on. That metamorphose event was the inspiration for this awe-inspiring bow tie. 

Needlework, Notions & Trim

Textiles: Yellow Anchor Cotton + Navy Seersucker

Handle: Soft to the hand

Cut: 45 degree cross-grain bias


Untie after wearing, an occasional, light steam press for more stubborn wrinkles and undulations. Hang when not wearing or fold neatly. 

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