The Bazel Bartholome Wooden Bow Tie | Exclusively with Ella Bing

Ella Bing


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Cocobolo & Ebony Wooden Bow Tie

Limited Edition 1 of 1

What happens when you pair the exotic and desired Cocobolo wood with the pitch-black, clandestine wood of Ebony...? We are not really sure, but we are excited to hear your story. So tell us when you wear this wooden bow tie for the first time. Let's just make sure we keep it PG-13. 

*Wooden Bow Tie shown without neck piece. Connects with Velcro strap around your neck. (Same fabric as knot shown)

People helping people. Ella Bing proudly donates 10% of all sales to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Suicide Prevention and Awareness division.


Shelve when not in use so all others can marvel at your exquisite prize. 

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