The Bob Sacamano Cloth Bow Tie

Ella Bing



Cloth Bow Tie 

The Bob Sacamano Bow Tie | Handcrafted to Excellence  

Green and White Stripes | Ella Bing Bow Ties Tampa Bay

Part of the Freestyle Collection at Ella Bing 


People helping people. Ella Bing proudly donates 10% of all sales to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Suicide Prevention and Awareness division. 

Three different styles/cuts available. 

100% cotton


Adjustable up to an 18" Neck, Larger sizes available for this cloth bow tie.

A long time friend of Ella Bing, Mr. Bob Sacamano often known for his nutty, off-the-wall ideas and audaciously inaccurate information. He often enjoys taking strolls through the brick roads of Ybor City,wearing this very bow tie, and smoking his Tampa Choice cigars.  Enjoy this hunter green striped bow tie, just like Bob does - casually, strolling, and smoking cigars. 


  • Fits up to a size 18'' neck
  • A very casual bow tie, relax and enjoy
  • Metal vinyl coated hardware for easy adjustments
  • Freestyle - learn to tie a cloth bow tie here




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