The Carlin A. Barton Wooden Bow Tie | Limited Release

Ella Bing


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“A male was transformed into a man by the willful expenditure of energy. Above all, a man willed himself to be expendable. Like the sun, a man fed the fire of his honor on his own substance. The magnus animus, the animus virilis, squandered itself in contempt of its own dear life.”

Carlin A. Barton

Needlework, Notions & Trim

Wood Species: Cocobolo

Cut: Artfully Hand-Crafted by Ella Bing

Source: Handmade in Tampa, Florida


Shelve when not in use or house in provided pouch.

An occasional, light steam press for more stubborn wrinkles and undulations.



I can’t wait to surprise

I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this bow tie for Father’s Day! It is its own piece of artwork. The packaging was topnotch as well. I loved the cigar box touch; that is something we will always remember about our time in the Tampa Bay area. Nicely done, Ella Bing.

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