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Ella Bing



Cloth Bow Tie 

Chauncey Barrington Bow Tie | Handcrafted to Excellence 

Reversible Teal and Pink Seersucker Madras Bow Tie 

Part of the Freestyle Collection at Ella Bing 

People helping people. Ella Bing proudly donates 10% of all sales to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Suicide Prevention and Awareness division. 

Three different styles/cuts available. 

100% cotton


Adjustable up to an 18" Neck, Larger sizes available for this cloth bow tie.


Reversible, Madras and Seersucker. All self proclaimed preppy men should have just fallen right out of their chairs, or dropped your beers, or baby, which ever one you were holding, when you read this. 

Let's start over, We have a lovely, woven madras with shades of teals, and pinks. Match that with a traditional southern pink seersucker. Together and you should be in southern preppy heaven at this point. Our teal, pink and lavender madras bow tie is more of an experience than a fashion statement. The bold colors make this madras bow tie a preppy tie favorite.

Fits up to a size 18'' neck - Have a larger neck, we got you covered, just let us know!
Spring time is here, start it off right with this bodacious bow tie
Metal vinyl coated hardware for easy adjustments
2.5" Butterfly Cut
Freestyle - learn to tie a cloth bow tie here!


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