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Vintage Reversible | 100% Silk | Ella Bing | Bow Ties 

This reversible 100% silk bow tie, is all hipster, with it's own swag, style and sophistication to back it up. Brace yourself for this vintage, handcrafted bow tie as its polka-dotted chocolate base is not to be out done by its brethren on the flip side.  Woven, silk stripes, browns, whites and baby fabulous blue. Some may not call this bow tie spring-like, but we tend to make our own rules. We hear birds chirping  and see green grass growing, so BOOM, a bodacious spring time bow tie is born. 

  • Reversible - get your prep on
  • One of a kind - once it sells, its gone for good!
  • made from well-experienced, quality woven silks
  • 2'' Butterfly design, 100% silk
  • Fits up to an 18" neck 
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