The José Snake Eyes Cloth Bow Tie

Ella Bing



Cloth Bow Tie

The Jose Snake Eyes Bow Tie | Handcrafted to Excellence 

Digital Camo Bow Tie for Men - Brown, Green  & Black

Part of the Freestyle Collection at Ella Bing 



People helping people. Ella Bing proudly donates 10% of all sales to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Suicide Prevention and Awareness division. 


Snake Eyes was a silent ninja and perhaps the best known GI Joe character, he was the backbone of the team. His signature uzi and ninja sword striked deadly accuracy against the ranks of Cobra. Match that with our friend José on Instagram, an impressive bow tie aficionado, who now goes into Ella Bing lore as one of only two men with bow ties named after them. With that said, lets get to the bow tie. One side, a very hipster digital camouflage, the reverse side, a potent olive solid. Put together and you get The José Snake Eyes.

  • Fits up to a size 18'' neck - Have a larger neck, we got you covered, just let us know!
  • Spring time is nearly here, start it off right with this bodacious bow tie
  • Metal vinyl coated hardware for easy adjustments
  • Freestyle - learn to tie a bow tie here!
  • Each cloth bow tie will be unique due to the camouflage fabric.





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