The Juan Julian Wooden Bow Tie | Exclusively with Ella Bing

Ella Bing


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Exquisitely Handcrafted Uniquely One-of-a-Kind Wooden Bow Ties

Graced with moxie, this wooden bow tie, has a bit of an attitude problem. For whomever wears it, the Juan Julian will command respect. Whether you are pitching your new idea to middle management. Or happen to be on the elevator at the exact same time as that attractive new girl you've had your eyes on. Regardless, we are pretty confident this wooden bow tie will help you win the day. 

Wood Species: American Walnut

People helping people. Ella Bing proudly donates 10% of all sales to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Suicide Prevention and Awareness division. 


Shelve when not in use or house in provided pouch.

An occasional, light steam press for more stubborn wrinkles and undulations.

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