The Louie Louie Wooden Bow Tie - Plum Wood

Ella Bing


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The Louie Louie Wooden Bow Tie - Plum Wood

Dirty blonde wood, make this wooden bow tie an exquisite piece of art work. Notice its perfectly symmetrical angles. It is paired with a very spring time floral knot.
  •  Premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie, each is a completely unique piece and NOT mass produced. 
  •  Fits up to a size 18'' neck - if you have a larger neck, let us know! 
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Shipping and Returns: 5 bucks will ship to anywhere in the continental United States or Canada. 10 bucks to the universe! If you are not satisfied with your bow tie, we will work with you to ensure that you are!
A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie with added panache. Our Wood bow ties can be worn as a statement and a piece of art. 
About the Wood: Plum Wood
Color/Appearance: Plum heartwood can exhibits a cornucopia of colors, ranging from a yellowish brown, with streaks of pink, orange, red, purple, olive, or gray mixed in. Because of the small size of plum trees, swirled or irregular grain, as well as knots and other defects are common.
Pricing/Availability: Not commercially available in lumber form due to very small tree sizes, Plum is most commonly seen among hobbyists and other small specialty woodworkers and related retailers.  Most commonly sold in turning blanks or other small sections. Prices are likely to be high for a domestic wood.
Comments: Although Plum is related to Cherry, it tends to be heavier and harder than Cherry, and much more scarce. Sizes are very limited, so Plum tends to be assigned primarily to smaller, more decorative purposes.

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