The Max Dupree Wooden Bow Tie - Sandalwood

Ella Bing


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The Max Dupree Wooden Bow Tie - Sandalwood

A light sandy colored wood, give this handmade wooden bow tie a beachy feel. Nothing wrong with that in our books. 
  •  Premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie, each is a completely unique piece and NOT mass produced. 
  •  Fits up to a size 18'' neck - if you have a larger neck, let us know! 
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Shipping and Returns: .99 cent shipping to anywhere in the continental United States, 5 bucks to Canada. 10 bucks to the universe! If you are not satisfied with your bow tie, we will work with you to ensure that you are!
A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie with added panache. Our Wood bow ties can be worn as a statement and a piece of art. 

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