The Stars and Stripes

Ella Bing


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Handmade Wood Bow Tie | Black Hyedua & Broadleaf

Whats more American than apple pie? Not much, but this handmade wood bow tie could suffice. It's alternating pattern is that of two exotic woods. The dark wood being Black Hyedua from West Africa. And the lighter being Broadleaf of South Africa. If that wasn't enough the knot proudly sports the stars and stripes in a red, white and blue fashion. 

  • Hailing W. Africa and S. Africa
  • Black Hyedua and Broadleaf
  • Made by hand, no two Ella Bing Woody's are alike - all made with love.
  • Fits up to a size 18'' Neck - If you have a larger neck, let us know, we will take care of you.


Details and Care

A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie with added ganache. Our Wood bow ties can be worn as a statement and a piece of art. 

  • Adjustable Neck
  • Silk/Cotton knot & neck piece; dry clean
  • Exotic Woods, please handle with care
  • Made by hand, in Tampa Bay Florida


Shipping and Returns

5 bucks will ship to anywhere in the continental United States or Canada. 10 bucks to the universe! If you are not satisfied with your bow tie, we will work with you to ensure that you are!

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