The Wyclef Buffett Wooden Bow Tie - Zebrawood & Rosewood

Ella Bing


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The Wyclef Buffett Wooden Bow Tie - Zebrawood & Rosewood

Simple in cut, yet masterful in design. This handcrafted wooden bow tie exhibits a lively honey brown with hints of California blonde. It is paired with a Navy blue and white floral knot. 
  •  Premium, handcrafted wooden bow tie, each is a completely unique piece and NOT mass produced. 
  •  Fits up to a size 18'' neck - if you have a larger neck, let us know! 
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Shipping and Returns: 5 bucks will ship to anywhere in the continental United States or Canada. 10 bucks to the universe! If you are not satisfied with your bow tie, we will work with you to ensure that you are!
A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie with added panache. Our Wood bow ties can be worn as a statement and a piece of art. 
About the Wood: Zebrawood
Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. Depending on whether the wood is flatsawn or quartersawn, the stripes can be either chaotic and wavy (flatsawn), or somewhat uniform (quartersawn).
Pricing/Availability: Zebrawood tends to be fairly expensive, though usually not as prohibitively expensive as other exotics such as Ebony or Rosewood.
Comments: Sometimes called Zebrano, the wood is strong and stiff, with a fairly high density. However, the wood is much more frequently used for its bold and unique striping.
About the Wood: Honduran Rosewood
Color/Appearance: Heartwood color can range from a deep brownish-purple to a light-brown. Most common is a brownish-mauve color. Clearly demarcated sapwood is a pale yellow.
Pricing/Availability: Generally good availability for both lumber and turning blanks. Prices should be in the mid to upper range for an imported hardwood.
Comments: Honduran Rosewood is known for its acoustic properties, possessing an excellent tap-tone, making it well-suited for acoustic guitars, xylophone keys, and other acoustic musical instruments.


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