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The smoking slipper is a timeless & casual shoe with no laces or straps featuring a low profile and low heel. The slipper is often worn to obtain a laid-back, comfortable look while still maintaining a classic shape.

Such can be said for the humble smoking slipper. This style was brought to life in the 1800s, worn by the upper-class as at-home entertaining shoes. A cross between slippers and loafers, this chic, comfortable style made a comeback in the '90s as men's evening shoes, popularized by Gucci's Creative Director, Tom Ford.

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Observe the mastery and precision of Bespoke Factory’s work when crafting a one-of-kind slipper.

Bespoke Ella Bing Smoking Slippers: Handmade for You


We have partnered with one of the most recongnized & best bespoke shoe factories in Europe. You can now customize your own pair of Smoking Slippers using our integrated 3D tool. These slippers have been meticulously crafted and developed over the years and are ultimately produced using a vast repository of raw materials.

  Design your own pair 

  Inspire your design 

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See what others are saying.

"Absolutely stunned by the amount of compliments I get with my slippers"

Jake S.

Jan 01, 2019

"I wear my slippers to work and they stay with me through Happy Hour. Ladies love to strike up conversation with me when they see them on me"

Wes T.

Jan 04, 2019

As a simple guy, I’ve really “upped” my wardrobe with velvet slippers. Thanks for helping me get started, Brent! - Charlie K.

Charlie K.

Jan 11, 2019

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This classy and casual smoking slipper is great for men who like to wear stylish and comfortable shoes. We serve clients who wish to decorate their slippers with a social, sporting, or humorous interest. Expertly cut, using traditional methods from Europe, you can now use our 3D tool to add embellishments or emblems to reflect your taste and individuality.

Smoking slippers are great shoes for weddings, shoes for graduation, shoes for gala events, shoes for cocktail parties, shoes for Kentucky Derby, or any social event. There is no doubt you will be complimented by your custom design and attention to detail with your own pair of smoking slippers.

Customize your smoking slippers with Ella Bing and Bespoke Factory’s newest tool and elevate your look! Need advice or some basic tips? Contact us with your questions and we’ll help you create your own smoking slipper.


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