Men’s Style Guide: Wedding



As spring and summer approach, so do the sounds of wedding bells. Most men struggle with the idea of what to wear a wedding when they are participating or just going to one. Majority of the time, most men will rent a tux. Which in reality sounds like a horrible idea. You have graduated beyond from those days in high school and you would go there during prom season.


Fit is the most important factor. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you spend on a suit. Shop for a suit and a shirt that already fits you well already. Take it a step further by taking your suit to a proper men’s tailor. Buying off the rack and having it altered is more affordable than custom made suits.

The blazer and shirt should just skim your body not suffocate it or hang like a curtain on you. Breaks on trousers are tricky however the safe route to go is just to have a slight break. Your pants should bunch up at the bottom.


First thing to remember, you buy a suit as an investment. It’s not something you get to just get. Spend time looking at different brands, fabric, quality, lapels, and cuts. Be creative. If its more formal opt for a shawl lapel or if you want more modern get a slim peak lapel.  A good suit will last you years and could be worn more often than you think it could.

If you are groom or groomsmen, remember it’s the bride’s day. Don’t opt for a crazy color or go overboard with over styling it. Let the suit’s fit, texture, or details be the focal point. Charcoal or navy is always safe bets to stand out in a crowd of men in all black. If the suit is a patterned make sure, its subtle and not overpowering. Simple and classic is the best route to go.


Just like a suit, the shirt should fit your body. Don’t let it puff too much where you tuck in the pants. Nor have the ends of your sleeves lay past or before your wrist.

Most men aren’t aware of the type of collars there are for shirts. Spread, tab, cutaway, point, and button down are a few kinds of collars you can. Each one is completely different from one another. Find one that best compliments your suit lapel, neckwear choice, and face.

Colors and patterns are another option that most men don’t think about. White is always the go to option but try a subtle classic pattern or a light color.



Brown would be the best option if you are wearing grey or navy. Brogues, oxfords, double monk straps, or loafers are fun ways to bring a little personality into the outfit. Never go doe the shiny black patent leather shoe. No ones shoe should be that shiny.


Ties should be contrasting in fabric and complimenting in color. The tie/bowtie should not be super contrasting that from everything else you are wearing. Complimenting colors in a pattern will do the best trick to add some color. Pick a tie where its main color is a neutral but has complementing colors in the pattern or print.

Pocket squares should not be the same color as your tie nor be the exact print. However choose one or the other if you decide to wear a lapel pin or boutonniere. One will do just fine.

Cuff links and tie bars are also areas where you can make a mistake. Make sure all the hard wear of your metals are all the same. Wear them correctly too.


Take this advice seriously but in all honestly… it’s a wedding and a celebration. Dress to impress those who you have yet to meet or for those who came to see you. Have fun and make sure you look good while doing it.

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