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Less than attractive smells and liquids come from our bodies throughout our busy days, and our clothes are their catch-all. Kind of gross. Here is a tip, as soon as you take an item off, turn it inside out, this will help air-dry dampness and minimize potential mildewing. Sometimes it's even worth air-drying before tossing in the hamper. Sweaty gym shorts guy, we're talking to you. 


Keep this in mind, high heat damages most fabric, so before you dump your stink into the washer and max out the heat, take this into consideration. Instead choose warm cycle for washing, medium heat for drying. Your fav jam-jams may not be toasty when they're done, but they'll be with you for years more because of it. 


Food for thought, go organic with your suds. If you're just not that into hugging trees yet, then opt for detergent that is free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, and brighteners. Seventh Generation, is a widely available detergent that fits the bill. And let's be honest, your whites, probably aren't white anymore, perhaps they are a nice shade of mother of pearl, or gasp, even yellow. Don't fret, just take the dangerously sounding, but completely safe Borax and dump some in with your whites. It's an all natural cleaner that will return sheets and undershirts to skeletal whiteness. 


Just read the damn guide, wait there is an entire guide to this? WTF!





We get it, you want to feel like one of those cool Wall Street guys, or Matthew McConaughey in those new Lincoln commercials and get all your dress shirts dry-cleaned. Think twice, dry-cleaning can be like napalm for your clothes. Scientific studies, done by a guy we know, who took a chem class in high school, show these chemicals can actually break down delicate fibers! Follow these quick steps to free yourself:

  • Button-down shirt: Never Dry-Clean
  • Sweater: Dry-Clean about every 5 wears
  • Cotton suit: Dry-Clean about every two months
  • Wool suit: Dry-Clean once a year


Do yourself a favor and pick up some of Mr. Black's spray, it will de-stinkify your suits, sweaters and jeans. If you are feeling like George Jetson, then check out the new Whirlpool Swash ($499). It doesn't technically clean, but it will de-wrinke and de-funk in minutes using special cleaning pods. Either way you choose, keep your junk looking better longer. 


Here is a process you should do about every six months, follow this and you will be a living legend amongst your peers and friends. 

  1. Fill a tub with eight inches of cold water and a half cup of Woolite Extra Dark.
  2. Turn your jeans inside out and soak for ten minutes, then gently rinse out the suds.
  3. Air-dry, putting them on after an hour if you want to hold their form.
  4. Wear until they stink again.

Did we miss anything, do you have a few more tips, or you just don't agree or give a damn? Let us know in the comments below!




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